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Do you want to generate clean energy to power your home? Do lower monthly electricity bills suit you? If so, Solar Master Pro brings the best residential solar installation services Pennsylvania for you.

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Solar energy, or sunlight, can be used directly for lighting businesses and homes, heating hot water, solar cooling, generating electricity, and several other purposes. Solar energy offers many potential advantages over electricity, such as cheaper utility bills, low maintenance costs, grants and tax incentives, increased property value, etc. Do you also want to avail of such benefits by installing the solar system? But don’t know how and where to start? Don’t stress out.
We are the trusted residential solar company Pennsylvania to deliver exceptional solar installations. Our professionals have complete know-how for optimizing solar panels to ensure long-lasting savings and the highest energy efficiency for customers. With a diversified knowledge of state regulations and solar incentives, we can help our beloved clients make informed decisions, maximizing their financial benefits. You can indeed rely on us for all your solar system solutions. If you want a clean and reliable source of producing renewable energy that can last for years, opt for our agency right now. Promote a sustainable environment with us.

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Services And Guarantee For Residential Solar Installation In Pennsylvania

At Solar Master Pro, we work with different businesses and homeowners throughout Pennsylvania to elevate power usage. If you are looking for the right solution for your specific energy needs, our professionals are at your service. If you are planning to embark on a residential project, you can reach out to us without any hesitation. Check out our services below.

Solar Installation

Today, solar has become a proven way to get sustainable energy. Get affordable solar installations from us.

Customized Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering customized solar solutions to consumers to meet their unique needs.

Quality Solar Products

We provide high-quality solar products to ensure you get the most satisfactory solar solutions available.

Financial Benefits

Installing our solar panels can provide you with many benefits, like lower bills and power costs, etc.

Performance Guarantee

No matter what kind of solar product you get from us, we ensure a 100% performance guarantee.

Transparent Pricing

When you choose us for your solar installation work, you will get transparent pricing for our services.

What Will You Get After Hiring Our Home Solar Company Pennsylvania

We are the most knowledgeable and dependable home solar company Pennsylvania. We have assisted different businesses just like yours in achieving their desired solar dreams. Here are some crucial reasons you should invest in hiring our company.

Increased Property Value

Getting solar panels installed by us can significantly increase your property value by reducing energy costs and improving energy efficiency. We can help make your property look more appealing to consumers, leading to a higher listing value.

Massive Energy Savings

At Solar Master Pro, we ensure to provide the finest-quality solar products that can help save a lot of energy. We have designed our solar panels to use more renewable power which is less than the overall energy generated by the grid.

Full Energy Independence

Our solar panels can produce excessive amounts of energy that can be stored for various purposes later. This means you can quickly power the essential appliances of your home if there is any power outage.

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Are You Looking For The Best Residential Solar Installer Near Me? Reach Out To Us.

At Solar Master Pro, we are an experienced and locally owned solar service provider you can rely on. We provide exceptional solar panel installations for residential clients designed to last for years. So, if you are exploring the trusted solar contractor near me, hire us right away.

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What Method We Use For Solar Installation

Our Residential Solar Installation Process In PA

Choosing residential solar installations in PA offers many advantages, including increased energy self-reliance, lower energy bills, and reduced environmental impact. At Solar Master Pro, we follow a four-step process to ensure quality solar panel installation.


During the consultation phase, we conduct a thorough discussion to deeply understand your unique energy requirements.

Professional Installation

Now our experts carry out the solar system installation process with the highest degree of professionalism and skills.

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Property Survey & Permitting

Our team will perform a proper survey of your property and acquire the necessary permits for the installation of the solar system.

Solar Incentive Review

Our team undertakes a detailed review of accessible rebates, and solar incentives for the guaranteed cost reduction opportunities.

Energy Efficiency Tips In PA

Solar panel installation provides a higher level of energy efficiency. However, there are many other energy efficiency tips in Pennsylvania you must be aware of. Ensure to make use of appliances, like pool pump and dishwater during peak production periods. You must remember to keep solar panels clean the other day for maximized efficiency. However, orientation does matter a lot here. Our professional team knows the exact direction for solar panels, which is South. This direction gathers more sunlight when there are peak hours. There must also be a minimized reflection. You can use textured surfaces and anti-reflection coatings for that purpose. Other ways to increase solar energy efficiency include optimizing inverter performance and maintaining system performance as well. You can contact our experts for any assistance.

Residential Solar Cost In PA

The residential solar cost in PA is over $16,000 or $2.97 for each watt. However, this cost can vary depending on the type of chosen solar panels and the size of the system. The average cost of solar panels was around $2.94 per watt in December 2023. Pennsylvania is categorized among the fairly solar-friendly states because it provides residents with access to various solar incentives, including tax breaks. However, you must know that state incentives, federal tax credits, and potential energy savings can offset these solar panel costs. This ultimately makes solar products economical in the long run. At Solar Master Pro, we offer transparent pricing for our services. We can help businesses and homeowners to reduce utility bills by installing solar.


You can avail of rebates for residential solar installations in Pennsylvania. The legislature has set various solar tax credit programs and funds that give around 30% investment tax credit on installing the solar system. Despite slow adoption in Pennsylvania, the state government incentivizes residents to switch to solar power. Some incentive programs will give you benefits for appliances, such as solar water heaters. At the same time, others will give you an advantage with a photovoltaic home system. In short, you can get different rebate programs for solar systems that cool or heat your home, generate electricity, or create hot water for your home. With our solar incentives and rebates, you can make your solar installation process more affordable. When you work with Solar Master Pro, you can benefit from the following rebates.


SRCES (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) allows different utility agencies to best adhere to renewable energy requirements by returning excess amounts of solar energy to the grid.


FSITC (Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit) provides a great opportunity for significant savings on the installation of solar panel systems in your home in Pennsylvania.


This solar incentive converts solar production into power bill savings. If you are a utility company, NET METERING can reduce the transmission cost to an exceptional level.


Pennsylvania brings a range of solar incentive options to promote the adoption of solar energy in your place. This allows businesses and residents to reduce their energy expenses.

Residential Solar Worth In PA

Solar panels are worth it even if you live in Pennsylvania. This state offers many incentives, including the Pennsylvania Sunshine Program, Net Metering, State SRECs, and the Federal Solar Tax Credit, which can make the solar installation process extremely affordable. Since the upfront cost of solar is considered an investment, it can pay off over time and save you valuable money. However, there may be several factors that determine how long it takes for your investment to reach the break-even market, including climate, the electricity cost, and the angle at which the sunlight hits the roof of your home. Given the record of higher utility areas in Pennsylvania, the appropriate solar panel installation can provide financial and energy stability.
When installed, solar panels can increase the worth of your property by over 4.1%. Opt for us if you have decided to install solar panels in your home. We provide guaranteed client support.

Virginia Solar Facts

Electricity Percentage

The estimated electricity percentage of the state obtained from solar installation is 0.57%.

Ranking And Growth Projection

The ranking and growth projection from solar is 2,547W over the next five years.

Solar Companies In State

The solar companies in Pennsylvania state are 491 (243 Installers/113 Manufacturers, 135 others.

Total Solar Investment

The total solar investment in the state is approximately $3.5 billion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is worth it to go for solar in Pennsylvania. While the upfront cost of the solar system is an investment, this can save you a lot of money. Aside from this, solar panels can provide you with higher financial and energy stability. If you want savings on utility bills, solar is the best choice.

A complete solar panel installation in Pennsylvania ranges between $8,000 and $114,500 with an average cost of around $31,100. However, it costs over $7,200 to $23,800 to install 3 -10 kilowatts of solar panels in residential places. If you are thinking of installing a solar photovoltaic system in your living space, it would cost around $19,397 after applying the federal tax credit.

Yes, Pennsylvania is categorized among the solar-friendly states. This is because it provides its residents with access to various solar incentives, including tax breaks. However, Pennsylvania’s solar incentives may also comprise Net metering, the Pennsylvania Sunshine Program, the Federal Solar Tax Credit, SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) and many more.

There is no expert financial advice regarding this fact. Generally speaking, you can buy solar programs or solar panels free of cost. Instead, the federal government facilitates residents by providing some solar panel incentive programs that help reduce solar system costs to the brim. Several programs may offer free solar systems and installations, but your options rely on a number of factors, such as the type of energy system you want, where you live, and many more.

You can take advantage of many crucial things by hiring a local solar installer in Pennsylvania. For instance, local installers are aware of local incentives and regulations, and the paperwork and permitting requirements for the area. This will ensure a flawless installation process. Aside from this, local agencies may be cost-effective compared to national companies. Besides, installers can also give you a better knowledge about available benefit programs to save money.

Yes, a separate building permit is needed if you want to install a solar system in your home in Pennsylvania. No matter what solar service provider you hire, he must provide you with the necessary documentation. When you sign the contract, your solar provider will request a permit from the city so that you can easily install the solar in your home. However, the permit applications vary by project and jurisdiction, but the leading purposes of both are the same.

At Solar Master Pro, we offer two types of warranties, a performance warranty and a product warranty. The product warranty is also called the workmanship warranty which protects against equipment failure and manufacturing defects. The product guarantee period typically lasts for 10 to 12 years without any kind of failure. However, we provide a workmanship warranty for around 15 to 20 years. Ensure to install solar panels that come up with no defects or possible failures.

Yes, Pennsylvania has several specific financial programs or incentives for residential solar panel systems. For example, they may comprise DCED (High-Performance Building Incentives Program), PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs), Federal Solar Tax Credit, Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, Philadelphia’s Solar Rebate Program, and many others. Besides, Pennsylvania has a Net Metering program that can save money on higher utility bills.