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Average Monthly Electric Bill with Solar Panels

Your electric bill with solar reduces drastically. When you install solar panels, your average monthly bill doesn’t remain the same. Various actors play their roles here. When you install solar to upgrade your home, determining the average electricity cost is crucial. 

It isn’t easy to calculate the exact figure of the bill. The average cost depends on numerous factors. They include the size of the solar and the region in which you live. Your solar array must have a different size. In your country, which is your region, it is also essential to know. 

When you are aware of these things, then you can estimate the average monthly electric bill with solar panels. The average figure also includes the smaller households. 

Currently, in the USA, solar power is 3% of the nation’s electricity. This figure for solar power includes both properties, i.e., commercial and residential. The production of renewable energy will reach 24% in 2023, according to an estimate. 

Utility companies have an advantage. They enjoy cheap rates of solar. It ranges from 3 to 6 cents per KWh. The cost of fossil fuels per KWh is 5 to 17 cents. More energy generation will reduce the cost for all customers. The three types of customers include commercial installation, utility, or residential. 

How Your Electric Bill Work When You Install Solar

When photovoltaic starts their work, your bill will not remain the same. You will notice a clear cut of cost in your bill. The components below will help you analyze how solar panels work with your electric bill.

The variables that aid in making your electric bill lower are:

  • How much electricity do you consume? The usage amount is the base, along with other factors.  
  • What are your local rates for electricity? Utility companies use net metering primarily for customers. It will help add excess power to the grid. The connection fees and the time-of-use costs of the utility companies during peak hours impact the bill.
  • Determine how much electricity your solar produces to meet your needs. You can use the grid electricity at night if you tie the grid to your home. Your savings depend on the electricity you take from the grid, the TOU policies of utility companies, and what your solar produces.
  • How your solar array is configured? Avoid high peak charges by using solar power. It is a hybrid system of solar. The system’s battery discharges the electricity during these hours. 

How Your Electric Bill Work When You Install Solar

How Can You Compare electric bill before and after solar panels?

The solar panels that you put on your roof will benefit you. The top among them is the cost that you save on your electric bill. You can then analyze whether you made a brilliant investment. 

When you start some investment, you determine your benefits. So, you must know about the savings you will have when you install solar. You require a considerable cost to install solar. You can also get solar financing. Let’s discuss the factors that tell whether your investment will pay off. Installing solar will then prove your choice right. So, how much can the solar system profit you? Find here.

How to Save Your Electric Bill?

The price of solar panels is according to per watt. As you increase the size, the price will go up eventually. In the US, the average price was $3 per watt in 2019. For a kilowatt peak, 5 to 10 was the range. They can produce this amount in peak hours. The total price ranges from $15k to $30k. Due to Tax credits and rebates, the price paid by homeowners becomes less. 

The size of your array affects your savings as well. If the system you install is extensive, it can gather more sunlight. The efficiency of solar depends on where you put it. The location of Las Vegas is worthwhile. Do you really save money with solar panels? 

The following factors can tell how much you can save:

  • Potential: Whether your home collects good sunlight is a determining factor. Some regions receive more sunlight annually than others. If your home is in a location of heavy sunlight, your savings will increase. Where there is shade, the potential will become low—the roofs facing south in the Northern Hemisphere benefit from more sunlight. 
  • Size: The larger the installation size, the less the bill. They will have more exposure to sunlight. But the starting cost will be high due to size. Or if you are financing it, it will require more time to settle the cost.
  • Price: Since the last decade, the price of solar has fallen. The price will reduce in the future with advancements.
  • Tax Credits: The rebates allow homeowners to pay low prices for their solar installations. The drop rate of reimbursement was 22% in 2021.


The life of solar panels is over ten years. The cost of electricity increases over time as your children grow. With the exact usage of current, you can consume yearly 15000 kWh. If you pay a $150 bill monthly, then 12.15 cents to pay per kWh. By 2028, it may increase to 14 cents. By the end of this decade, the cost can be $19,600 with a consumption of 150,000 kWh. 


The solar of 7kWp can produce 7000 kWh. You can meet half your energy needs annually in this amount. If 3 cents is the cost per watt, then $21,000 is the cost of their solar system. The savings will be $9,125 in that time. If you stay for 16 years or more at your home, the system will pay for itself.

Do You Still Have an Electric Bill with Solar Panels?

Whether solar will eliminate your electric bill, solar panels ideally reduce your monthly bill. So, you still have a bill with solar panels

If you install optimal conditions, then your bill can also be negative. It means that you become a seller of energy. You can directly receive this amount from the company. Otherwise, this will be adjusted in your next bill by the utility company. There is a minimum fee that is charged per month. The company will compensate you for their loss. It is to cover their loss of unused energy produced.

Do You Still Have an Electric Bill with Solar Panels

Final Remarks

Solar panels require an investment of a considerable amount. It will take several years to cover your costs. After that, you will start reaping its benefits or profitability. So, ensure that you stay at 

your place for over 15 years. It is not a wise investment if you plan to move early. 

So consider this investment as a long-term to yield the results out of it. The solar system enhances the value of your home by 4%. You may sell the entire system, but that can only cover its cost. You may get the installation and materials cost back. The investment will become worthwhile if you do it in the long run. Only then can you yield better results. Ensure your solar installation is trouble-free with Solar Master Pro. They provide solar solutions according to your needs. They install solar for corporate and residential levels.

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