Privacy Policy

The privacy notice discloses the privacy terms for Solar Master Pro, a limited-liability solar service firm based in the USA. The policy applies to the information extracted from the website

Please read the privacy policy before you start working on our website or avail yourself of any product or service purchases. Please do not proceed if you do not agree with our privacy policy. By working with our website you agree to our privacy terms and conditions

It is notified that our employees, clients, and companies who we work with, value their privacy. We respect your right to privacy and avoid disclosing or misusing your private data.

Information Collection and Usage

We aim to provide the best possible experience as we work with you. We store your data for information that includes contact info, date of birth, and other personal data to provide you with the relevant services. We collect the following information.

Type of Information

Personal Information

What do we collect

First, last name, postal address, Internet Protocol address, phone number. email and address.

Commercial Information

Purchasing Records and Photos of products and services received. We also collect historical data and tendencies.

Geological Information

Geographical and GPS location along with service application photos.

Employee Data
Employee historical record, personal and employment information.

Automated Information Tools

We collect your private information about your behavior, internet addresses and more. We employ the use of tools to collect information while you use our website. Our used tools incorporate the following :

Cookies: A cookie is a small data file that is downloaded from a website to your device. The two types of cookies include

  1. Session Cookies: They do not stay on your device after your browser has been closed.
  2. Persistent Cookies: They remain on your device until you delete them or they expire.
    We use the following category of cookies on your device

1. Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are the cookies that we must have access to to work with you for the basic function of the website. Strictly necessary cookies include payment information, signing-in info, and personal data.

2. Performance Cookies

Performance cookies are used to collect info on how users have interacted with our website. It shows user retention, bounce rate, page visits, and the time you have spent on a particular section.

3. Functionality Cookies

These cookies include personal information to enhance your experience. The information includes your preferences, language, browsing activities, and region. These cookies cannot track your browsing history on other websites.

4. Third-party Cookies

These cookies are placed by third-party advertising networks. They are also called targeting cookies to track your browsing and search data, to help you search the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

You have the right to turn these cookies on or off. However, once you disable these cookies you will lose a part of the functionality of our website.

Protecting Data

We are the sole owner of all the information collected on our website. We only have access to the data voluntarily provided to us. We collect this information and maintain accurate customer records avoiding misuse and alterations. We don’t sell your personal information. If you have any concerns or queries relating to your personal information please contact us via email.

How We Use Your Data?

We use your personal information is protected and kept in our file for records. We collect information for the following Purpose :
  1. Record keeping of your purchases and services of solar panels and products.
  2. Sharing information with some organizations to provide us with services.
  3. Email marketing purposes to inform those interested in services or products.
  4. Mailing or Calling for marketing our services and providing support.
  5. Track page visitors, usage, and traffic demographics.

Policy Compliance

Working with us or our website means you agree with our privacy policy as mentioned. This policy will be subject to changes in the future. The changes will be carried out on how we collect info, what we collect, and other information that might be deemed necessary.

Comments and Queries

We make comprehensive efforts to keep your information secure. We welcome your queries and questions regarding our privacy policy, with our 24/7 customer support.