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How Long Does it Take to Install Solar Panels?

Are you planning to go solar? Then, you must consider how long does it take to install solar panels.

Get to know your answers here.

Installing solar panels doesn’t take much time. It’s the entire process that takes time. The process starts when you visit the site first. It ends when your new PV system produces the energy in a renewable form. 

Basic installation is a small part of that process. It takes a minimum of six hours. However, there are many things to do before and after its installation. Some additional factors determine the total completion time of installation. 

Solar Installation Timeline

Your solar system generates power, which may take months. When your photovoltaic system is live, your solar is set to go. You may not estimate completion time as solar projects vary. The duration may be less or up to six months. Let’s see how much time each step may require. When you plan to switch to solar, it’s more than just installation.

7 factors determinded to Solar Installation Timeline

The entire process requires eight steps. It takes two to six months for completion on average.

The following factors determine how long does solar panel installation take.

1. Deciding About the Installer

Choose the company from where you want to buy an installer. Pick a reliable company that has been working for over five years. Check the positive reviews of customers. Quality, timeline, and price matter. Ask for quotes from at least three companies for the best price and quality. This step may require a day to two weeks.

2. Assessing the Site 

Now, you have the installer of solar. The company will assess your site. It is to ensure the suitability of your roof to install solar. They will check the roof’s shading, direction, cognition, and size. Is the gradation of your electrical panel required? This assessment doesn’t take much time. However, they may schedule a week’s timeframe.

3. Design of System

Your roof is suitable for handling solar. An engineer will design your system. The design step requires information about the roof’s characteristics, utility, electricity usage, and the building’s local code. The allocated time is about two to three weeks.

4. Take Permission for Solar

The project of solar panels is part of construction. Take permission for installation from the relevant authority. This step of permitting may be long enough. The permits vary according to the town. You may get approval from the municipality in two weeks or up to 2 months. Your installer will manage the paperwork.

5. Schedule and Order Equipment

Installers will start installing if they have the required equipment. They have to schedule their time to install your system. It requires a minimum of one week. In case of unavailability of any equipment, they order and wait for delivery. Then, a few weeks may require keeping in view the current issues with the supply chain of the solar industry. 

6. Time for Install

Your concern about how long it takes to install solar panels on the roof will be answered here. The actual installation is the shortest part. It takes six hours to install residential solar. The complexity of the system increases time accordingly. If there will be no unforeseen issues, then three days are sufficient for installation.

7. Inspection

After installation completion, more approvals are required before generating electricity. A local inspector will ensure that they meet correctly the requirements. This measure will save your system from any issues before turning the system on. Although inspection requires a few hours, scheduling the appointment may take a week. 

8. Take Permission to Interconnect and Operate Utility

Once a utility company allows, your solar panels can start operating. This approval may also take some time. They came to install a new meter for electricity. After a quick inspection, they approve your home for solar.  When you consider how long solar takes to install, know that waiting time is worth it. The total duration will be around two months or six months. The timeline depends on the specific circumstances of your area.

Good things require time to wait. Though they complete installation in a few months, it will pay you back in nine years. You can then enjoy free electricity for over fifteen years. 

How Long Does it Take to Install Commercial Solar Panels?

You may need solar for your business. You must be wondering about the process and time of installation. Four factors determine the time to install the PV system for your commercial solar.

  • Type of Roof

The flat roof has a quick process of solar panel installation. A pitched roof requires more time than a flat one.

  • Number of People

How many people are working on the project? It affects the installation timeline. The work will be quicker if more people are involved in it.  

  • Size of System

The timeline of solar installation depends on the size. An oversized system requires more time than a small one. 

  • Replacement of Roof

If there is a need to replace the roof, then it must be completed first. After that, solar panels will be installed.

Take to Install Commercial Solar Panels

It’s a tremendous investment to install solar panels commercially. It will pay off in the long run. Hire a licensed specialist for this purpose. You can also get finance for solar installation. Or you may opt for a lease by a third party. Switching towards renewable energy helps to combat the change of climate. It will reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. 

The Number of Solar Panels You Need

They will need thirty solar panels for a home of average size and efficient energy use. Technology of solar is improving day by day. The advanced technology significantly requires fewer panels. You may need 24 in this case. You can do this work of evaluation yourself.  It will be better to consult a professional to determine the potential of energy production and whether it meets the needs of your home’s energy. 

Specifically, if you are concerned, how long does it take to install 20 solar panels? You can consult with the providers of solar. They will give their expert opinion.  Keep in mind that technological advancement reduces the number of required panels.  Also, to install fewer panels, less time is needed. For 20 solar panels, they may require a minimum of two months. 

Final Words

Installation of solar panels is a significant expense. Most homeowners can’t take it easy. You do your homework to decide when to go solar. By taking some steps, you can enhance the lifespan of your solar panels. 


Why is there a delay in solar power installation?

There are a few factors that cause the delay in installation. 

  • If the condition of your roof is not suitable for solar installation, you may need to replace it. It will increase the time of installation. However, you can do some paperwork to gain different approvals during its replacement.
  • The utility companies and other agencies’ approval and inspection process may delay the installation. Experience solar contractors can help you‌. They can effectively take permissions by navigating the regulations. 
  • Wind and precipitation may slow your project. Once the panels are installed, there is no issue of managing moisture. But wetness can damage the wiring. Technicians will also face difficulty working in the rain because of slippery roofs.
  •  If your installer doesn’t have all the equipment, he will order those parts. It adds to the timeline of your project.

Is installation difficult?

If you hire highly skilled DIYers, they can physically install solar panels on the metal roof easily. It would help if you let professionals do the component installations and electrical wiring. So, the structure of solar panels is complex. But it’s simple to install.  It’s hard if you want to install yourself.

Especially if you don’t like to be on the roof and work with electricity comfortably, then it’s not to do yourself. It’s not impossible now because DIY installation kits are available for solar panels.  

How often do you need to replace solar panels?

The life of residential solar panels should be 25 years. After this time, you will notice degradation. So solar will produce less electricity after 25 years. Most manufacturers offer 25 years of warranty for electricity production. They offer shorter warranties for equipment as well. However, the life of inverters is 10 to 15, so you must replace them. 

How long does it take to install 10 solar panels?

Most often, for residential installation, 20 panels are required. They take about two months to install. For fewer panels, like 10, the installation may take less than two months. The smaller the size of your installation system, the quicker your solar panels will take time. 

What you can do to increase the life of solar panels?

You can follow some tips to ensure your solar lasts longer. 

  • Clean your panels regularly. If you maintain them well, they will last longer.
  • The location of installation matters. They will live longer if you give them a mind before installing solar panels to enhance their production and reduce potential threats.
  • They will work effectively to absorb sunlight if they are clean. It depends on your region and how frequently you need to clean. Some need weekly cleaning. Others require once-a-month cleaning.

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