I am Jackson Brown. I am a lecturer turned solar expert, I am fond of traveling and a good chef. Join me on my journey to listen to how I transform my career from a university lecturer to a well-known solar expert in the market. Let’s connect, share and collaborate for a pollution-free earth.

My Story

Let’s start with my educational background.

My story started from the beautiful days of high school that I spent in a well-known college in Washington. Golden old days! I remember when I got the second position in the annual project I made on “renewable energy.” It was a time when the concept of renewable energy was rare. My mom was thrilled and motivated me to complete my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering.
I remember it was a cold day. My and I were having lunch when my dad came and broke the news of my admission to a reputable mechanical engineering college. My mom was thrilled. I had a perfect time at my college. I wrote many research papers on the emerging topic of “green energy.”

After completing my studies, I got a lecturer job at my university. I served my department for almost seven years. I urge the students to work on real-life projects that benefit human beings. My students and I work on various projects for energy transition in the coming years. During my tenure at the university, I attended various international seminars and meetings with global green energy enthusiasts. I was surprised to learn that the energy paradigm was shifting globally. During my official visits, I have witnessed how the concept of renewable energy is transferred from the higher authorities to the homeowners.

The turning point came when I shifted my home from Washington to Texas. I remember the time when I was struggling with migration challenges, and searching for a new job was another one of them. I decided to switch my field and applied for the solar installer position at various companies. However, I needed to gain first-hand experience in installation. However, thanks to my practical projects at the university that covered this gap, My educational background and lab experience ensured I would get the job in a reputed installation company.

Days passed, and I did not get any response. I started thinking that it was a wrong decision to switch careers. Suddenly, on a pleasant morning, my phone rang, and to my surprise, it was an interview call from a solar installer company in Texas. I got selected. Thanks to my educational background and my reading habits, I was chosen for that job position.

Solar Installation Career

I entered the installation field with many dreams and hopes. I worked with various clients and was overwhelmed by how much people became aware of the advantages of green energy. Whether it is the installation of solar panels at a residential or commercial level, I am constantly impressed by the enthusiasm of the people who want to go green for the excellent health of our earth . As I had a research background, I was constantly involved with the research and advisory committee of the company and attended a meeting with government officials.
It was the time of those days when the US government was planning to get half of the electricity through solar resources. High authorities arranged meetings with the solar installers and manufacturers to collaborate with the Government and offer various discounted packages for installing and purchasing solar panels.

On a working day, I met with an official Government representative. The representative was impressed by my ideas and suggested that I should open an institute to train installers and people to use solar panels efficiently for the best results. His idea convinced me a lot; this day was a career shift from a job to a minor start-up at home.

I am very excited to add this part to my story. I visited the various states and counties of the USA and made a list of the problems that residents face while using solar panels and installers face while installing the system. Based on the results of my visit, I introduced two online courses—one for the residents and one for the installers. I trained many residents about the efficient use of solar panels and net metering, keeping a record of net metering data, and cleaning the solar panels. The installer’s plan includes installation training and certifications. I am very proud to announce that my certification is considered the top solar installation certification in the west-south central region of the USA.

In a short period, I made my name as a solar expert who trained many installers, and my trained installers are working in various installation companies. In 2021, I got a job offer from a government department that handles community solar and makes policies for net metering and solar loans. I am lucky to reach a position where I can directly impact people’s lives by providing them with solar-friendly incentives and rebates.

As I mentioned, I am fond of traveling, so visiting any green landscape and hiking in a pure and clean environment always motivated me to reduce my footprints and play a positive role in a pollution-free environment. Spending many years in the industry and having hands-on experience with installation and becoming a part of government policies, I am sharing my knowledge with the people through my blogs. I have always been an aspirant for clean and green energy. Working together, we can transform this world into a pollutant-free space where all humans can live and breathe easily.

Thank You so much for hearing from me! If you have also dedicated your time to making people’s lives easy through green energy, share your story with me. If you want to read on any specific topic about solar installation or renewable energy, you can send me an email mentioning the subject. I will write for you.