All You Need to Know About SREC DC

If you are a resident of Washington, DC, and planning to install solar panels at your home, you must know about the SRECs’ incentives. They are the most lucrative incentives at the district level. Let’s tell you a surprising fact: these SRECs make you eligible to earn thousands of dollars every year. You can sell the SRECs in the SRECs market of Washington, DC. Do you want to know more about SREC DC? Let’s get started.

What is SREC in DC?

SREC is an abbreviation for solar renewable energy credit. It is a credit that the DC (District of Columbia) officials give to the solar panel owner on producing each MW. 1 MW is equal to 1000 kw. To make it more straightforward, let’s use an example. Suppose you have a solar panel of 7kw at home, producing 8 MW/h of electricity annually. For one MW/hour production, you will get one SREC. For 8 MW/hour, you will get 8 SRECs for a year.

How does the DC SREC program work?

Solar panel owners sell the SRECs on the market. Now the question is how the SREC program works in Washington DC. The prices for the SERC depend upon the production and demand-supply. If the number of registered quality solar energy producers is more, then SRECs will be higher in number than demand, and prices will be low.

However, if the number of solar energy producers is smaller, there will be fewer SRECs and, ultimately, high demand in the market, increasing the prices. The state set a goal for all city utility companies to meet a specific level of energy production through renewable resources. Due to this reason, these companies buy SRECs. If the companies do not meet the set limit or purchase the SRECs, they are subject to ACPS. ACPs are the alternative compliance payment.

If the ACP fines prices are lower than the SRECs, the companies can pay the fine. Solar panel owners benefit as utility companies have to meet a set limit that compels them to purchase SREC DC. The authorities set this program to achieve the 100% green energy target by 2034.

SREC Prices in Washington, District of Columbia Market

SREC prices are not fixed in the market. It may increase or decrease depending on the demand and supply. According to the SRECTrade website, the prices for solar renewable energy credits remain between 420$-440$ from April 2023 to March 2024, higher than any other state in the USA.

Following is a brief comparison of solar renewable energy credits in different stats. The SREC price in 2021 was 380$, and now it is about 445$, which is a massive price increase. It clearly shows that if you produce 8 MW per hour annually, you get eight solar renewable energy credits and earn almost 3520$ annually.


StatSREC price
New Jersey207$

How Data Conversion is Calculated for SREC?

If you have solar panels at home, you can earn and sell SRECs in the market.
But what is the procedure for calculating and claiming SREC in the market? Following is a step-by-step guideline for the DC SREC market selling.

Register Your System

The first step is registering your system with the official tracking system, which calculates and issues SRECs DC. This tracking system is associated with public utility companies.You can also track these excess power through the solar panel meter. Moreover, many online apps and tools are also available to keep the record of your solar power.

Install A Meter

The next step is to install a meter and register it with the official system. This meter records your solar energy production and sends it to the authorities. The meter may be a revenue grade or performance monitoring and reporting service (PMRS). These meters collect the data from your inverter or solar panel and send it to the authorities regularly.

Account Creation

The next step is creating an account and integrating it with your meter and tracking system to keep a record of your supply productions and SREC calculations. An online portal shows you the total SRECs that your system produces. You can sell these SRECs in the market and earn dollars.

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Selling SRECs in The Market

You need to link with a broker that allows you to sell your SRECs to a third party. Few data tracking systems provide a marketplace where you can sell your credits directly to the buyers. You can also sell them to a utility company. Some people sell their SRECs as soon as they become available, while others wait to increase the prices and sell at a high price. There are three different methods to sell these certificates and get payment.

1. Selling SRECs for Lifetime

This method lets you sell your lifetime renewable certificates and get a lump sum payment. The advantage of this method is that you can get a massive amount at once, nullifying your system’s initial cost. However, it also has a disadvantage; you can only claim for part of the life of the SREC payment. In the future, if the prices go high, you will get nothing.

2. Fixed Contract

In this process, you agree with the contractor for a fixed price for a specified period. The broker sells your SRECs and gets their commission. The advantage of this method is that you get free from the price fluctuations in the market and get a fixed price for years. However, it also has a downside: in case of high prices, you will get the same fixed price.

3. Selling on The Spot

This involves selling your renewable certificates in the market right after you earn them. This selling procedure is the most appropriate method to generate more profit. You can sell these credits to the utility companies or any third party.

Challenges in SREC Data Conversion

The data conversion for calculating renewable energy certificates faces many problems, such as high prices, oversupply, security issues, correct calculation, the burden on the grid, etc. In previous years, due to the various goals set by the government, Washington has stood as the second in the USA with a high amount of renewable energy products, which has increased its value significantly. 

Moreover, Washington utility companies produce one-tenth of the country’s total green energy, which has put tremendous pressure on the state grids to handle a large amount of data and calculate the exact number of solar renewable energy credits for each homeowner. Another critical challenge is home shifting. People move into new homes, so it is also challenging to keep their data and assign the credits to the exact owner.


Best Practise for the Implementation of SRECs

The best practice for implementing your solar renewable energy credits is to contract with a broker. They will sell your credits at the market rate and take their commission. This will prevent you from dealing with the tension of finding a party to sell the solar credits. 

Besides this, you can hire a company that registers your system with the relevant authority and submit it to the generation attribute tracking system (GATS). They will approve within 5-7 days, and your system will start generating your credits.

Tools for SRECs Monitoring

Different tools are available online to monitor your solar renewable energy credits.

  • My solar edge
  • Solar data system array meter
  • Solar 200 solar monitoring station
  • Aurora Solar Help Center
  • Solar CT

Future Trends For Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

On January 18, 2019, the mayor of DC changed the lifespan of SREC DC laws and increased it from 3 to 5 years. Due to this, there was a particular change in the prices. The prices of these credits increased from 410$-440$ in 2023. Such an uncertain change in one year highlighted the high demand for solar renewable energy credits in the market. So, the Washington DC market is changing rapidly due to demand and supply factors.


SREC DC are the solar renewable energy credits. These are available for the homeowners to produce one MW. Homeowners can sell these credits on the market. The price of these credits are the highest in Washington, DC. The prices may vary due to the demand and supply factors. 

Registering your meter with the grid is necessary to get these credits. So that they can calculate your data quickly. Various online tools are available for calculating SRECs, such as My Solar Edge, Solar Data System Array Meter, Solar 200 Solar monitoring, Aurora Solar Help Center, and Solar CT. Washington, DC, has a trend toward a drastic increase in solar renewable energy resources. Due to the aggressive goals to go green, the prices may increase in the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions About SREC DC:

Yes, it is possible to make a contract for DC and SRECs. You can create an agreement with a broker who can sell your credits in the market at a competitive rate. You can also hire a company that registers your system with the relevant authority and submit it to the generation attribute tracking system (GATS). They will approve within 5-7 days, and your system will start generating your credits.

Early solar renewable energy credits remain eligible for sale for three years. However, on January 18, 2019, the mayor of DC changed the lifespan of solar energy renewable credits laws and increased it from 3 to 5 years. 

According to the SRECTrade AN Xpansiv Company, the prices from April 2023 to March 2024 were increased from 410$-440$ and the Washington market has an increase in prices. So, it is expected that the prices will increase further in 2024.


The goals to get maximum energy from the solar system, progressive infrastructure of the city, changing policies about solar installation and a significant gap among production and demand supply of SRECs are responsible factors for the increased prices.


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