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Residential Solar Company Texas

Are you fed up with the hefty amounts of electricity bills? Well, no need to worry more about paying bills. Solar Master Pro is here to help you by installing energy-efficient and sustainable solar panels. Luckily, Texas is among the cities in the USA that experience an average of 5-6 hours of sun exposure. So, why rely on the grid supply when we can produce renewable and sustainable energy through solar panels? By installing solar panels in Texas, you become fully energy-independent. which also increases the value of your property.
So, if you want to avail yourself of these benefits, you must hire a home solar company Texas with experienced and certified team members, and that is none other than the ‘Solar Mater Pro’. Working for many years in the solar installation field, we know the procedure to install accurately, the procedure to apply for incentives and tax reductions and make your solar panel more energy efficient by installing it at the right angle. You can contact us for details.

Residential Solar Company Texas
home solar company texas
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What Do We Offer?

What Will You Get After Hiring Solar Installer in Texas?

Our certified and experienced installer team has performed solar installation for different residential solar installation in Texas. We have the most qualified installers with many years of practical experience. We assure you that you won’t regret hiring our team for your solar installation. If you agree with us to install a solar system, then you will get the following benefits.

Experienced and Qualified Installers

We have the most qualified and experienced solar installers in the town. A high end installation for the people of Texas.

Customized Solutions

Our experts provide customized solutions for solar panel installation at your place according to the daily usage and number of residents.

High Quality Solar Systems

We work with the globally recognized manufacturers for the solar panels. So, hiring us frees you from poor quality solars.

Roofing Issues

We have roofing contractors in our team who deal with the roofing issues prior to the installation of solar panels.

Incentives and Tax Waive Off

When you hire us, handling your project from start to finish is our responsibility. We apply for all the eligible incentives and taxes on your behalf.

Reduced Electricity Bills

After installation, our team apply for the net metering to connect your solar meter to the grid so that you can send extra power to the grid and get benefits in the form of reduced electricity bills.

Why choose our solar installation services?

We take pride in dealing with solar installation for different residential and industrial projects in Texas and nearby areas. We have the highest success rate of delivering the projects on time. If you are also looking for a solar contractor near me for the installation process, reach out to us without any delay.

Affordable Packages for Installation

We offer affordable prices for the installation process. It does not mean that we compromise on quality.You will find the market competitive installation with a complete guide to use solar panels at very economical rates.

Efficient Solar Panels

We work with the top-rated solar manufacturers in the market. Regardless of the brand, we assure you that you will get the most efficient and energy-saving solar panels at very affordable charges.

Increase Property Values

We install the solar with a warranty. Most of the solar systems installed by us work for decades. Installation of solar panels increases the property's value, and if you plan to sell your house with 100% working solar panels even after years, the selling cost will not be affected.

Solar Company
in Texas

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Texas experienced solar installers for the people of Texas! We take pride in serving our people and make a contribution towards sustainable and environment-friendly sources of energy.

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What Method We Use For Solar Installation

Process Our Solar Panels Installation Company Follow

Our team consists of diversified team members e.g. consultants, installers, roofing contractors, engineers and legal advisors. Our installation package includes all the necessary steps that you are looking for in any Texas solar installation services provider.

Consultation Meeting

The first step of our process is a consultation meeting with our client.Once you approve the quote, We will take detailed information about the number of households and daily energy usage.

Site Analysis and Installation

Our team will inspect the site and make any required changes on the roof. After that our experts will install the panel at your place.

home solar instalation company

Customized Solutions and Permission Grant

After the meeting,we will provide the recommended solar panels according to the client requirement and apply for the permission grant from higher authorities.

Application for Incentives and Taxes Waive Off

It is the responsibility of our professionals to apply for all the eligible incentives and tax reductions on your behalf.

Solar Panels Cost in Texas

Texas ranks as the second state with the most solar systems installed. This is due to the government’s budget-friendly policies. The cost of solar in Texas is 2.51$ per watt, which is less than any other state in the USA. 
 It is stated that an average home in Texas requires 8kw-9kw, which costs almost $20,080 to $22,590. Variance in cost is possible due to the selection of solar brands. This cost is worth the investment because it helps you become energy-independent and pays you back in net metering. The average period to get a return on investment in Texas is 10 years.
Solar Master Pro’ offers high-quality, branded solar panels at lower prices compared to the market because various solar manufacturers are our collaborative partners.

Is Solar Worth Installing in Texas?

Are you hesitant to install solar after reading about the initial solar installation cost? There is no need to think twice about this. We assure you that this amount is worth spending. Although it seems like a considerable amount, it will pay you back in many forms, such as net metering, incentives, waive-off taxes, and government rebate schemes for solar installers.

You can send the extra energy to the grid and get the grid supply at night at lower prices. Moreover, Texas offers different incentives for purchasing solar that reduce the initial cost. You can contact us to get more details about the benefits of Texas solar installation services.

Solar Installation Incentives And Rebates in Texas

Texas produces more than 14% of the solar energy in the USA. This is because Texas experiences, on average, 2800 hours of sunshine a year. Besides this, the government of Texas has introduced many incentives, taxes and rebate schemes to motivate people to install solar panels. The authorities are planning to generate 100% power supply through renewable sources by 2032, and to achieve this goal, they are introducing different packages for solar installers. Due to the various federal government policies, you can get solar systems at lower prices. Other solar companies and authorized third parties in the cities provide solar at lower prices.

Solar Investment Tax Credit

This is the most amazing offer which allows you a 30% tax reduction at your solar purchase.

Solar Photovoltaic Rebate Programme

Home owners who install solar panels are eligible for a 2500$ rebate.

CPS Energy Rooftop Solar Rebate

This is for the schools, small houses and non-profitable organizations.The mentioned owners are eligible for a 0.60$ rebate per watt.

Tax Waive Off On Property

Home owners can apply for the tax assumption from the price which increases after solar installation.

How to Find the Best Solar Installer Company?

Do you know that over 600 companies work in Texas for solar installation? How to find the best one is a challenging task. We will tell you some of the features that would help you to select the top rated installer company for you. When you start searching, always go with a company with certified and qualified team members and know about all the local incentives and the procedure to apply for these incentives. You should choose the one who proceeds legally by getting permission from the authorities and having global connections with the manufacturers so that you can get solar at a low rate.

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Certified Professionals

Our team is highly qualified and professional, the best installers in Texas.

Local Incentives

We are well aware of all local incentives and help you get cost-effective installation.

Legal Work Procedure

We follow all the rules and regulations. We start work after a legal permission grant.

Connections with Manufacturers

The top-notch solar manufacturers are our partners, helping us to get the most efficient solar panels at low prices.


What Our Clients Say?

We have been working in the field for Texas solar installation services for many years. We serve excellence. Our clients’ satisfaction is our prime concern. Read below what our clients say about us.

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If you want to read detailed information about solar panel installation, advantages, tips for selecting a solar company, or any other update regarding the solar installation laws in the USA, then get in touch with us through our blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, solar panels are worth installing in Texas. It is an estimation that you start getting a return on investment after 10 years. Moreover, the state offers many rebates and incentives and waives off taxes. The most attractive offer is a 30% reduction on the sale and purchase tax at the time of solar purchasing. Moreover, net metering also reduces the cost of electrical supply. You become energy-independent and can send extra supplies to the grid, which is adjustable on your monthly electricity bill.

A. Solar panel taxes are not fully exempted. However, you can apply for a 30% reduction in the sale tax upon purchase of solar panels. Besides this, many other tax exemptions are also applicable. For example, you can apply for a property’s tax waiver, which implies a price increase in your property after the solar installation. Moreover, you can also apply for a 2500$ rebate at the time of solar purchase. But this is applicable if your solar panel is activated and has a warranty for 10 years.

Yes, this option is available. Like solar loans and PPAs, solar leases are also a program for people who can not afford solar panels. The homeowners pay a monthly rent to get solar energy from their lease company. This amount increases every year.

Yes, Texas is a solar-friendly state. The cost for solar installation in Texas is 2.51$ per watt, less than any other state in the USA. Moreover, Texas produces more than 14% of the total energy of the USA. The authorities offer many incentives and tax assumptions to promote solar installation in the city.

A. There is a 30% tax reduction in the cost, and 2500$ rebate scheme for the solar-installed homeowners. CPS Energy’s rooftop solar rebates make candidates of schools, tiny houses and non-profit organizations eligible to apply for a 0.60$ rebate per watt.