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Are you included among those 27000 homes that use solar energy in Maryland? No? Solar Master Pro is here to help you to go green with solar panel installation. Contact our team to know more details about Maryland Solar Panel Installation Services.

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If you are planning a residential solar installation in Maryland, you must be curious to know what advantages you will get after solar installation. Maryland is a solar-friendly state. It offers various incentives for low-income families to install solar. Maryland provides the facility of Net Metering, through which you can send excess energy from your solar panel to the grid and use this energy on cloudy or rainy days when your solar is not producing enough power.  The 2024 Maryland Energy Weekend was arranged in February. It continues from 17 Feb to 19 Feb. Worry to read about this that the event has passed? No need to worry when Solar Master Pro is here. We offer cost-effective solar panels throughout the year. We work with famous solar manufacturers and purchase solar systems at lower prices than the market. Pick up the phone and call us without any delay to get best Maryland solar panel installation service

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What Do We Offer?

What We Offer?

The state has more than 100 solar installation companies. Solar Master Pro is among the top-rated companies of Maryland. Our hard work, work completion on time, budget-friendly installation and sincerity towards our clients has made us the most popular home solar company Maryland. We offer following services for our customers

Well Planned Installation

Our team divides the installation process in steps e.g consultation meeting, site analysis, purchase and installation. This increases our working efficiency and we complete work on time.

Budget-Friendly Installation

We team up with the top-rated manufacturers and purchase solar systems at lower prices than the market. We offer budget-friendly installations.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe customer service is the success of any business. So, we engage you to know your priorities and install accordingly.

Well Experienced Installers

We have involved the most experienced installers of Maryland in our team. They are well trained, qualified and provide customized solar installation solutions.

Regulatory Considerations

We work according to the law of stat. Our team gets all the necessary permissions from authorities before installation.

Incentives and Rebates

Our team remains updated about the new incentives and rebates offers, and we apply for all on your behalf.

Is It Worthy to Go Solar in Maryland?

Maryland ranks 19th for solar energy production, but the solar installation cost in the state is much higher than in other states, which is a considerable factor for the residents planning to go solar. However, this investment is worth spending due to the following reasons.

Average Payback Period

The average payback period in MD for solar installation is almost 11 years. After this period, you can save 34212$ every year. Some homeowners complete this payback period between 8-14 years with savings.

Reduced Electricity Bills

The average monthly electricity bill for a home in MD is 153.60$. You can save this amount every month by becoming energy independent through solar panels installation. Moreover, Solar panels last for 25+ years, so calculate the savings for 25 years.

Home Value Increases

After solar panel installation, your home value increases, and the most amazing thing is the tax exemption on the increased price. So, get all these benefits through the best residential solar company Maryland, which is “Solar Master Pro”.

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Make your home free from fossil fuels energy resources and go green with renewable energy. Contact the top-notch solar installers to get cost-efficient, long lasting and energy-efficient solar panels in the town.

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Want to Know About Our Installation Process?

How 'Solar master pro' Work?

Our work ethic distinguishes us from other solar companies in Maryland. Our purpose is not only installation; we take pride in making people go solar for a pollution-free environment. Read below to know our installation procedure.

Meeting With The Client

Our first step is to know the number of individuals at your place, your budget, and your daily energy requirements so that we can propose solar panels accordingly.

Purchase and Installation

.Once we get the permission, the next step is to purchase an economical solar panel and install it on your roof. Our experts will monitor your roof correctly and make the essential required changes.

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Installation Approval from Authorities

In the next step, we will write to the relevant department to get permission to install the solar system at your place.

Apply for The Incentives

The next step involves applying the different incentives the Maryland government offers.

Solar Cost in Maryland

According to Findenergy.com, the cost of one KW solar is 3.45$, so the price for a typical 5MW solar panel in Maryland is 17700$. The average cost of solar installers in Maryland is 15000$, more than many other states in the country but less than the national average cost, which is 26000$. These are the estimated costs. Depending on the company’s energy efficiency, battery, inverter, roof pitch, location, panel type, and system size, it may increase or decrease.

Contact our team immediately if you want a cost-effective and correct installation with experts who can also help you choose the best solar system according to your requirements and budget. We offer the best Maryland solar panel installation services.

Solar Savings in Maryland

Kim Coble, Director of the Maryland Conservation Voter, stated in a press release in 2023 that the authorities are planning to achieve 100% clean energy by 2035 and to achieve this goal, the authorities are introducing various incentives and tax exemptions to motivate the residents of Maryland to opt for solar power. The state government offers a residential clean energy credit for the residents through which they can claim a 30% reduction on tax while purchasing solar, regardless of the size and capacity of the panel.

If you are looking for a residential solar installer near me and want to avail all these benefits, rebates, and incentives without getting in trouble with applications, contact our team. We apply for all eligible incentives on your behalf.

Maryland Solar Incentives And Rebates

Maryland is one of those states in the USA that aim to become fully energy independent in the coming years. This goal is only achievable if the government offers attractive incentives and packages for homeowners. Initially, the residential clean energy credit was 26%, but in August 2022, it was increased to 30% through Inflation Reduction ACT.
Besides this, many other programs are also available, such as low-income solar grant programs; low-income families are eligible to apply for them. SRECs are also available for homeowners. These are the credits that the government provides you for producing green energy. One SREC is given on one MW/ hour. Moreover, the residents who install solar panels below 20KW can apply for 1000$ rebates. The deadline to apply for this program ends on 30 June every year.

Our professionals remain updated about all new incentives and rebates. When you hire us, we get all the eligible incentives for you.

Sales Tax Exemption

You are exempted from the sales on purchase and use of solar panels.


You can get and sell SRECs. The price varies from year to year depending upon the supply and demand.

Maryland Residential Clean Energy Grant

You can get 1000$ grant for installing solar panels at your residence.

Net Metering

You can get reduced electricity bills through a net metering procedure.

Maryland Solar Policy : From Start to Now

In previous years, Maryland has emerged as the 19th state to produce solar energy. This was because authorities had implemented clear legislation for solar owners. Maryland was a great supporter of the implementation of rules and laws back in the 1980s. The authorities’ first proposed laws were solar easements and proper laws. This law ensured that the solar installations are residents’ rights and will be considered homeowner property. From 1980-1990, most laws were proposed and implemented. One of the most important net metering laws was also enacted in 1997. The authorities enacted the law of Renewable portfolio standards in 2000. In 2007, the state government clarified that the power supply utility companies would generate 7.5% of their electricity through renewable resources. This law is the Original Regulatory Mandate, revised in 2017, and policymakers apply the rule to generate 25% of energy through green resources. 

If you are searching for a residential solar installer near me who is well aware of all the rules and laws of the Maryland solar installation, contact our professionals.


Maryland Solar Facts

SRAC rate

The average SREC rate in Maryland is 77$.However it may increase or decrease annually according to supply and demand.


Federal solar tax credit is 30% for the MD residents. Initially it was 26%.

Maryland Ranking for Solar Energy

Maryland ranks as the 19th state with capacity of producing 10000 MW annually.

Solar Cost in Maryland

The average solar cost in Maryland for one KW solar is 3.45$.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A. The average cost to install solar panels in Maryland is 15000$, less than the national average of 26000$. This is an estimated cost; the price may increase or decrease depending upon the panel size, roofing type, and company of solar panels. For example, choosing a multi-panel system will cost you more; if your location needs adjustment before installation, it will increase the labor cost. Similarly, the brand you choose directly affects the cost. If you choose a high-quality brand, prices will be higher.

A.Yes, Maryland is a good state for solar installation. Although the installation cost is a bit higher compared to some other states, this amount is worth spending. You can get a 30% tax reduction on the purchase of solar panels. The average payback period in Maryland for solar installation is almost 11 years. After this period, you can save 34212$ every year. Some homeowners complete this payback period between 8-14 years with savings. Besides this, SRAC, FSITC, property tax exemption, and many other incentives are also available.

A. Maryland offers various solar programs, including SRECs, Maryland Solar System Tax Exemption, Maryland Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption, and Maryland Residential Clean Energy Grant Program.

A. There is only one program in Maryland named “Solar Energy Equity Grant Program. ” This program is only available for low-income families who can not afford solar panels. To know more about this program, you can contact us. We also offer solar panels at lower rates. You can contact us if you are not eligible for this program but want to install solar.

A. Our solar panels are of good quality and we offer a warranty for 25 years. We provide durable solar panels with long lasting life cycle.We assure you of a 100% energy-efficient solar system at lower rates than the market prices. Contact us now to get details.