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Let’s collaborate to harness the sun’s energy by installing solar systems! Need clarification about what system size will be suitable for you? Avail our solar consulting services to choose the best solar system for you.

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Benefits of Our Solar Panel Consultation Services

The average US solar installation cost for a typical 6-8 KW ranges between 15,000$- 22,500$. This is a hefty initial cost. Solar Installations require proper planning to spend your money wisely. Solar panel consultation services from our company help you to know the exact solar size that fits your energy needs. Moreover, our solar energy experts clear your misconceptions about green energy, burst the solar myths with logical and scientifically proven answers, and provide you with information about the most recent accessories and equipment of the solar system, such as inverter, mounting hardware, etc.
In short, “Solar Master Pro” has top-notch solar consultants on their team who provide quality solar advisory. You can avail of our solar consultation services by contacting our team and booking a slot.

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What Do We Offer?

We offer Solar Consulting services

We believe that sustainable energy resources are helpful in saving our planet for future generations, and it is a right for everyone to have green energy at home. Although awareness about solar energy has arisen in the past few years, few people are still reluctant to install solar panels due to high prices or spurious myths. Here comes Solar Mater Pro, the leading solar consultant company, to advocate for the people. We address the following points in our solar consultancy meetings.

Customized Solar Designs

Our solar consulting team extensively overview your energy consumption for the previous months through your electric bills and present a customized solution that perfectly aligns with your energy needs.

Clear Solar Myths

There are many myths about solar working, the effect of weather on the solar system, and the sustainability of panels. Our solar plant consulting services clear these myths with authentic explanations.

Roof Potential for Solar Installations

Our experienced consultants brief you about the roofing conditions suitable for solar installations.

Choices for Solar Purchasing

Our solar energy consultants provide information about the most credible solar manufacturers in your area and give you many choices to purchase from according to your budget.

Reasons to Select Our Solar Consultant Company

Due to many years of experience, “Solar Master Pro” has become the leading energy analysis consulting services company. Most of our customers come to us upon the recommendations of our previous clients.

Trusted Expertise

We have the most talented and experienced consultants with a sound research background and comprehensive solar industry knowledge. Their expertise and experience assist them in clearing solar queries with authentic information.

Maximize Solar Savings

We not only provide free solar consultation about your queries but also provide detailed information regarding solar incentives, rebates, and taxes in your area. Moreover, we provide you with a list of the most credible manufacturers with low prices. These factors lower your initial cost and maximize solar savings.

Unbiased Solar Suggestions

Our solar panel consulting Service always prefer our clients' benefits and give them unbiased suggestions that will benefit their long-term savings.

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Let’s have a cup of coffee with our independent solar consultant, discuss your project for a customized solution, and get advantageous solar advisory.

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Roadmap of Our Solar Energy Consulting

Are you considering proceeding with a consultation session? We are more than excited to serve you. Below is a brief description of our workflow for the Solar Power Consulting Service.

Consultation Meeting

During the consultation phase, we conduct a thorough discussion to deeply understand your unique energy requirements.

Pre-Installation Guidance

We provide detailed information about the pre-installation guidance. If necessary, we visit your site for the inspection and suggest the required changes before the installation.

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Solar Panel Selection

Our team will perform a proper survey of your property and acquire the necessary permits for the installation of the solar system. After that, we help you purchase a solar panel within your budget.

Guide About Incentives and Permission

The final step is giving you information about obtaining permission from the HOA and your area’s authority without wasting time by following all rules and regulations.

The Importance for Solar Energy Consulting

If you plan to switch from traditional energy resources to green energy, solar consultancy will be a game changer for you. They provide insightful data to answer your queries, have extensive knowledge about the photovoltaic system, and help you to make informed decisions to enhance the lifespan of solar panels.

They can also reduce your costs by providing details about your area’s government and state solar incentives. In short, collaboration with an experienced solar consultant can help you in every possible way in the transition to green energy.

Reduce Solar Cost

Solar consultants can help you reduce the initial solar cost through solar incentives, rebates, and loan programs.

Get Instant Installation Permission

Solar experts know all the rules and regulations to get permission from the higher authorities without delay. They guide you through the procedure, and you get solar installation permission within no time.

Energy Efficient Tips

A meeting with an expert can help you get energy-efficient tips. These tips and tricks can enhance solar production and reduce electricity bills to the maximum level.

Increase Solar LifeSpan

Solar experts know the phenomenon of solar voltaic cells and tips to increase their lifespan. Their expertise helps you notice the panels' decreasing working efficiency on time.

The Solar Energy Expert Analyzes Current Trends

As we move toward a more technological world, advancements in the solar industry have also occurred. Due to the heavy burden on the local grid stations and challenges with the polluting environment, the US government has changed its policies and introduced new trends to motivate people to install solar panels. The companies dealing with solar panel Consulting Services have updated information about the policies and the solar trends nationwide, which helps you go with the modern solar solution at an affordable cost.

“Solar Master Pro” also has local, top-notch consultants for each state who know about all new policies to guide our clients. If you are interested in a personalized solar consultation meeting to learn about the latest solar policies within your area, contact our team right now for a free solar consultation.

Latest Solar Policies in US

Federal Tax Credit

All solar panels purchased between 2024 and 2034 are eligible for a 30% solar tax credit, up from 24% before that.

Property Value Increase

The solar panel installation at any property increases the value up to 4%.

Property Tax Exemption

The property owner with solar installation is exempted from paying tax on the increased amount.

Solar Energy Target

The US government has set a target to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The consultants consider the following factors when designing a customized solar panel system

  • Previous energy consumptions
  • Daily energy needs
  • The desire of the client to become energy independent 
  • Battery backup or the net metering connection

Yes, Solar consultants offer post-installation support. You can ask them for tips on enhancing solar efficiency and the life span of the solar panels.

Solar consulting teams analyze your previous electricity bills and daily energy needs and ask about your desire to become more energy-independent. They also ask you whether you want to go with battery installation for backup or net metering. All these factors help them assess your energy needs and design a customized solution for you.