How to Hire a Solar Consultant?

Hire a solar consultant

Are you thinking about switching to solar energy? It’s a good decision. However, installing the solar system is very tricky and needs expert dealings so that you can avail yourself of all the incentives and get the maximum benefits.

Here come the solar consultants to help you. They have sound field knowledge and can handle your project from start to end. But, now the question is how to hire a consultant and what to look for in an excellent consultant of green energy. In this blog, I will give you the answers to all these questions. So, Let’s start.

How to Find a Qualified Solar Consultant?

The selection of a consultant entirely depends upon your personal choice. You want to go with the local consultant or the national-level solar expert who has leverage in dealing with national-level projects. No matter your choice, you must look for a few points when hiring a solar expert for your project. The following are the prime factors to consider when finding a solar expert.

NABCEP Certified

NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certification is the most credible certification for solar installers. So, always check if the company’s installers are NABCEP certified. If they are, they go through a proper training program and have the skills to manage solar projects. Another advantage to working with NABCEP-certified installers is that they are well aware of all the safety rules and regulations and follow them.

They also have insurance plans. So, in case of any injury on your site, they have liable insurance plans to cover the loss. Moreover, they also know about the nationwide solar incentives and rebates and your eligibility for various Federal and state incentives.

In short, always use the NABCEP-certified solar installers to get the maximum benefits and lower the initial cost.

Take Help From BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Better Business Bureau is another reliable source for finding good solar experts. BBB in any area has the reviews and recommendations of all local consultants. You can check the reviews of their previous clients. 

Moreover, BBB also awards certifications to installers who have good reviews. Although this certification is not equal to the NABCEP, it is still helpful to check the quality of work of installers and installation companies from their clients’ reviews.

Ask From Surroundings

Another essential way to get connected with a solar installer is to ask neighbors, friends, family, and office colleagues who recently installed solar panels at their place. They can guide you based on their practical experience, and due to recent installation, they must have searched for good consultants. They may have information about the various solar companies and consultants. You can check the recommended companies, get quotations from them, and choose the one that fits your budget.

Take Help From the Local Government

Your county and municipal government have data about all certified consultants, installers, and installation companies. You can also get help from them. For this, call the county or municipal office’s official number and ask them about your query. They will share a list of certified consultants, research top consultants, and solar companies, and choose the one providing quality consultation within your budget.

Ask the Electrician

If you have a trusted electrician who works at your home, you can also ask him for reliable solar experts . Because they have the same field, they have connections with them and guide you better.

Search Online

This is also an excellent way to find a trusted solar expert. Almost all solar companies and consultants have online appearances, social media pages, and websites optimized for the near world. If you search “Solar Consultant near me,” you can get a list of top consultants in your area. Search their websites, read reviews, check portfolios, ask for quotations, book consultation meetings, and hire anyone who seems more reliable.

Six essential questions to ask before hiring a solar consultant

You have covered the first step towards your green journey: getting information about your area’s trusted solar panels. You have unlimited suggestions, and it is challenging to choose one. No worries. I will tell you the six essential questions you ask from the consultants and companies. They will help you to finalize the one.

These six questions are as under:

i) Where are you based?
ii) Can I see your portfolio and previous reviews?
iii) Do you offer any guarantee?
iv) Do you provide pre-installation and post-installation services?
v) Will you handle my project from start to end? (consultation to installation)
vi) Why should I go with you?

The answers to these questions from the consultants and the companies will explain everything about their authenticity and reliability.

Where Are You Based?

The solar industry is booming in the US. Solar power generation is estimated to grow 75% from 163 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) in 2023 to 286 billion kWh in 2025. Due to this, solar installation companies are expanding their services nationwide. Many big names serve in all states while having a head office miles away from your state or county.

It is not a good idea to work with such companies. Because they do their duty and leave their customers alone after the installation; besides, such big names often outsource their work to the local installers. You pay a hefty amount for their name and get services from the local consultants. I recommend you always go with the local company based in your area, county, or state.

i) The First advantage is that the local companies know about all the updated rules, regulations, incentives, and rebates in your area. They smoothly proceed through the whole process without any delays by following all regulatory measures and getting the maximum incentives to lower your initial cost.
(ii) Second, they assist you even after the installation, and you can approach them with any query.
iii) Local consultants and installers have budget-friendly quotations.

Can I see your portfolio and Reviews From Previous Clients?

This question helps you know the number of years of experience and the company’s quality. You can also analyze the success rate of the installing company. Ask the company to show you the recently delivered solar project and engage you with the client so that you can learn about the client’s work standards.
Here, I recommend that you go with an installing company with over ten years of experience, but keep in mind that their charges are slightly higher than others. If you can not afford their quotation, then select any startup, but my advice is always to go with a company with at least three years of experience in the solar industry.

Do You Offer Any Guarantee?

The initial cost of solar panel installation is hefty. It is usually considered a lifetime investment. What if you get low-quality panels with such a huge budget, and the panels stop working even after two to three years? This is a worrying condition. To avoid this scenario, it is essential to ask your consultants.

Solar panels usually come with a 10- 25 year warranty, and the most famous brands give a guarantee of 25-35 years. As for solar production, let me tell you that a good quality solar panel produces 90% of energy in the first few years. The efficiency of solar panels decreases by 0.01% every year, which is negligible.

Most installing companies also provide a workman’s tee. This means that if there is any issue in the installation process or the system is not working correctly due to poor installation, they will fix the problem without cost. These warranties usually last for six months.

Do you provide pre-installation and post-installation services?

This is a fundamental question because many companies lack this service. Most of the companies provide the best consultation and quality installation and close the project on a very good note, but if you approach them after installation, they will not respond to you.

Similarly, installation such as roofing and maintenance of the installation site are also necessary for the proper installation. But, some companies charge you extra for these services while others offer installation charges. So, to avoid any clash in the future, fix these queries and get the defined answers from the solar consultants.

Will you handle my project from start to end? (consultation to installation)

Solar installation is not about placing the panels on your roof. It is a complex process consisting of various small steps such as customized designs according to your energy needs, getting permission from the higher authorities and house owners association, purchasing solar panels, connecting with the local grid for the net metering, etc. 

Most installation companies offer all the services and handle the project from start to end. It is convenient to deal with a consultant, tell him your requirements, and hand over the project to them. They will do all the steps mentioned above for you and handle the project from start to end.

Why should I go with you?

The solar expert may perceive this question as foolish, but the answer will allow you to decide in a moment whether to choose this company.
Always give importance to the answer to this question and listen to whether the consultant has given importance to your prime goals, is apparent in his ideas, is confident to tell you about their previous experience with other clients, and is excited to explore a new customized project with you and sure to deliver you the solution of your problem.

If he did not mind this question and gave you an explainable and convincing answer, it would signal that they are good at their services and can deliver you the best.

Benefits of Hiring A Solar Consultant

Although many people go with the DIY system for solar panel installation, I recommend that one hire a consultant to handle the project. It will set you free from many tensions and be more beneficial for you.

Prepare the Customized Solar Designs

The first and foremost advantage of hiring a consultant is that they understand your energy needs, examine your electricity consumption, ask about your desire to become energy independent, and then prepare a customized design that perfectly aligns with your energy needs.

Get the Maximum Solar Incentives

Local consultants know your areas and eligibility criteria. They can quickly get the maximum federal and state solar incentives and lower your initial cost.

Experience and Safety Standards

Solar experts are certified and have experience working on various projects, so they can easily handle simple to complex projects. Moreover, they follow the safety standards and updated codes of protection at the location site.

Early Approvals for Installations

Consultants know all regulatory measures and any changes in the rules and regulations in the area. They follow all the laws to get approval from the higher authorities of the city and the House Owners Association (HOA).

Establish Net Metering Connections

Connecting your solar panels with the local grid for net metering is also a time-consuming task. You have to get approval by sending them pictures of your solar system and tracking the surplus energy that the meter is sending to the grid will be a headache if not performed properly. Hiring experts from the solar industry frees you from all these tensions, and your installing company consultant does all this on your behalf.

Give You Energy-Efficient Tips

Solar experts give you energy-efficient tips that enable you to save maximum energy as a backup.

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Tips for Choosing A Reputable Solar Consultant

Here are a few tips to find a reputable, reliable and authentic solar consultant:

  • The solar expert must have NABCEP certification. Therefore, check the certification before finalizing any consultant. In addition to certification, ensure that the green energy expert has a legal work permit.
  • You can also ask them if they have insurance to avoid any inconvenience at the site due to injury. 
  • Always choose solar experts with more than ten years of experience or at least three years of experience.
  • Do your homework properly and search for an online appearance if you are hiring a solar company consultant. Check the social media accounts and website to read the reviews of previous clients. This will give you complete information about their working ethics and quality.
  • Get quotations from various experts, compare what they offer, and choose the one that provides quality services within your budget.


Solar installation is a challenging task that involves various steps, such as analyzing your energy needs, designing a customized solution, getting permission for installation, purchasing a quality solar panel from a reliable manufacturer, and installing and connecting your system with a local grid for net metering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Green energy consultants bring expertise and exposure to different projects. They provide customized solutions for your energy needs. Moreover, they get approval for installations without delays and have the latest equipment, tools, and technology to install the solar panels.

  • You must consider the following points when hiring a solar expert for consultation.
  • The solar expert must be NABCEP-certified He must have a proven track record of delivering successful projects
  • He must have good reviews from previous clients
  • The solar experts withstand his installation and assist you with the installation procedure
  • He must be based in your local county, municipality, or city because local consultants know all the local incentives and regulatory measures and lower your initial cost.

Yes, companies offer guarantees for workmanship. This means they own any mistakes made by their workers during installation and fix them without charging extra cost


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