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How long do solar panels last in Washington dc?

According to a report, Washington has the highest number of solar planes in the entire USA. From commercial offices to residential apartments, Washington citizens tops in the mark of solar panel users in the USA. However, what about the Washington DC solar panels lifespan? Their lifespan depends on various factors. For your ease, we’ve written this article about the Washington DC solar panels lifespan.


Do Solar Panels have a Lifespan in Washington dc?

Technically, no. In an ideal and mathematical situation, the life cycle of the PV cells never ends. They have an infinite number of reaction cycles that can last for an unlimited time. However, this scenario is limited to the ideal world only, not in the real world.

THe real life solar panels do have a lifespan. They run out and end the work after a long-period of time. The major cause of panels to go out of working is the debris, physical damage, electrical resistance and low quality PV cells of the panels. All these factors affect the lifespan of your solar panels.

When placed outdoors in the open roof, debris, air oxidation and birds dropping damage the PV cells which eventually limits the working of solar panels and their efficiency.


Quality of the Solar Panels

Quality of the Solar Panels

The lifespan of the solar panels depends hugely on the quality of the solar panels you’re choosing. If your solar panels are of low quality and budget ones, then they’re not going to last for long as compared to panels with expensive options.

The budget panels use low quality PV cells that don’t last for long and might run out after a certain period of cycles. They go through a chemical reaction, and their cells usually hold a limited number of reactions.

The flagship panels usually offer high-grade PV cells that last for long and have an infinite amount of chemical reaction cycles.  Their PV cells do have a limited number of cycles, but their cycles are too high that it categorises in a non-ending cycle.


Degradation Rate

According to a 2012 study of Washington DC solar panels lifespan, solar panels degrade about 0.8% per year. However, this rate is influenced by the brand you choose and the weather of your area. Premium class solar panels offer degradation of no more than 0.3%. On the other hand, budget solar panels will degrade about 1%. 

This term is called solar panel degradation level. The efficiency at which they reduce in one year is known as degradation level. 

Moreover, the outside weather also influences the degradation level. If there’s too much moisture and rain, the degradation will be higher as compared to sunny and low moisture weather. 

The solar panel works great in a clean and sunny environment. Rain and high moisture weather always increase the degradation rate.


How to increase the lifespan of solar panels?

How to increase the lifespan of solar panels

Solar panels are a major investment. You want them to last you a long time and not go down on you when you’re dependent on them most.

There are some things you can do that increase the Washington DC solar panels lifespan and generate more electricity for your home.


What kind of solar panel do you need?

The main item you need to understand is how your solar panel works and generates electricity. Moreover, how it is going to help you save money in the future years. This strategy will help you find out what kind of solar panel you need and what combination you’ll need with the grid electricity.  As well as how long it will take for your solar panel to pay for the installation.

Monitor the production of energy

The next item you need to do is monitor how much energy your system produces each day. So that you can see if there are any sides where the panel isn’t working properly or producing enough electricity that your home needs. If there are any issues with your panels, this will help you figure out what you need fixing.

Warranty Tenure

You should check your panel’s warranty tenure. Most solar panels come with two-year warranties on their inverter and battery controller systems. If these items start to fail during this time frame of the warranty. You might consider visiting the service centre and lodge a replacement complaint. 

Special Attention for WInters

Keep this in mind that solar panels need special attention during winter months as well as summer onths. During winter tenure, you may notice a decrease in power output due to low temperatures and cloudy weather. Consider investing in a heating system for your house that can heat up the space around your solar panel system and keep them warmer than normal for extended periods. Or you can go with grid electricity to operate the air conditioning units.

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How much exactly will the Solar Panels last in Washington?

We can’t guarantee a solid figure. However, as per the average in Washington, solar panels last for about 25-35 years. There’s a protest of many things. The quality of panels, protection film, weather and care of the solar panels matters a lot. 

Washington DC solar panels’ lifespan is about 25 years and if cared for properly, they can last for about 35 years. According to the weather of Washington, which is mostly dry, sunny and cloudy in the mid-year, solar panels can give you maximum efficiency in this weather.


Do solar panels require maintenance to last long in Washington DC?

No, they just need regular cleaning which you can do yourself. You don’t need to hire an expert for their maintenance.


How can I maximise the lifespan of my solar panels in Washington DC?

Just keep them clean and make sure that no debris stays on them. The debris always reduces the efficiency of the solar panels.


Do solar panels last longer in Washington DC compared to other regions?

As per the weather, solar panels can give you maximum efficiency in Washington. The sunny and clear weather will give you the maximum output from the panels.

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