What is The Cost of Solar in Washington, DC?

According to the March 2024 updates, solar prices in Washington DC are 3.19$ per watts. Based on this price, a typical 5KW solar panel costs you $ 13548$ to $ 18,330$. On this price, a 30% reduction in federal tax is applicable. Besides this, many other incentives and rebate programs are available for the residents of Washington, DC. This is just an average cost for a solar system in Washington, DC. It may vary depending on the various factors.

Key Takeaways

  • A typical 5KW  solar system cost 13548$ to 18,330$ in Washington, DC. This price can be reduced after implementing the Federal Solar Tax credit, which offers a 30% reduction.
  • The government provides various incentives and rebate programs to reduce costs, e.g., solar for all and power agreements and communities. These plans allow you to get a subscription to solar panels from community panels or agree with a third party to get solar-produced electricity at retail prices.
  • Solar panels are beneficial to install. The payback period for solar installation costs in DC is almost 19 years. Moreover, you can also increase saving costs through net metering.
  • It would help if you chose a certified and experienced installer for economical installation and avail of all local incentives.

Solar Install Cost Depends Upon Various Factors

The total cost of the solar installation depends upon the following factors such as

  • Size of your solar panel
  • Solar Panel type
  • Solar panel manufacturing brand
  • Installer Company
  • Your Roof Condition
  • Equipment Cost

Let’s discuss these factors in detail to learn how they can affect the cost of DC solar panel installation.

Size of Your Solar Panel

The size of the solar system and the total number of the panels raises the cost for the system. For example, if you want to install solar with more panels then you have to bear more cost. Let’s have an idea how the size of your system affects the solar cost.

Capacity of the Solar Panel (KW)Cost ($)

Solar Panel Type

There are three types of solar panels.

  • Monocrystalline
  • Polycrystalline
  • Thin Films

The cost depends upon the type you choose. For example, Monocrystalline solar panels stand on the top due to their quality and produce more supply. The cost for monocrystalline solar systems is $1 to $1.50 per watt, while the cost of polycrystalline solar panels ranges from $0.90 to $1.50 per watt. Thin films are the least expensive solar panels and range between $0.50 – $1.50. Let’s compare all three types of solar panels in terms of working efficiency and cost.

Let’s compare the efficiency and prices of all these three types.

Solar Panel TypeCost per WattEfficiency
Monocrystalline1-1$.50$High efficiency
Polycrystalline0.90$-1.50$Comparatively low efficiency
Thin Films0.50$-1.50$Least efficient among all

Solar Panel Manufacturing Brand

There are almost 16 companies in Washington that work to manufacture solar panels. These companies rank according to their quality. Some manufacturers have high-quality and durable solar panels with a warranty of many years, while others offer comparatively low-quality ones with fewer years of warranty. The cost of the solar panels depends upon the brand and quality of solar systems you choose.

Installer Company for solar panel washington dc

Several solar installer companies are working in Washington, DC. They offer various packages and quotes to install solar panels on your roof. To choose a cost-friendly solar company, always get quotes from multiple companies, check their previous work, and then decide which one to go with for your installation. Moreover, you can also ask your neighbor to contact a reliable company.

Roof Condition

Another significant factor that most people ignore while calculating the cost of solar panel installation in Washington, DC, is the conditions of your roofs. If your roof is not suitable for the installation process, then installers will demand extra costs to maintain it and make it appropriate for the installation process.

Equipment Cost

Another critical factor is the equipment cost. Equipment includes various parts of the solar systems such as Inverters, batteries, and mounting hardware. These equipment are necessary to operate the solar system accurately and are very expensive. The average price for the inverter is 1000$ while mounting hardware are of three types and all have different price ranges.

  • Fixed mounts cost between 10$-$15.
  • Adjustable mounts cost is 50$.
  • Tracking mounts are expensive and range between 500$-3000$.

An Estimated Cost Limit For Going Solar in Washington DC

Quality of Solar Panels An Estimated Price
Highest quality solar panels 36000$
Average quality solar panels 16000$
Lowest quality solar panels 4500$

How to Reduce Prices for Solar Panels Washington DC

The solar panels cost in Washington DC can be reduced by availing incentives and packages. Let’s explore the incentives, rebates and other programs that help reduce the initial solar installation cost.

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit

Regardless of the system size and capacity, this is applicable to all solar panels. This offers a 30% reduction on the total cost of the solar prices. Let’s have an idea how the various system sizes prices decrease after the federal tax credit.

Sizes of the Solar SystemsCost Before Tax CreditCost After Tax Credit (30%)
6 KW$6,600 – $11,400$2,000-3,400
8 kw$8,800 – $15,200$2,600-4,600
10 KW$11,000 – $19,000$3,300-5,700
12 kw$13,200 – $22,800$4,000-6,800

Solar Energy System Sales Tax Incentives

Washington, DC, provides an exemption from tax on purchasing solar panel systems and energy equipment. This tax exemption is applicable till 2029 in the whole state.

Net Metering

It is a very beneficial program for the state to store and reuse surplus energy. In this system, the extra energy that your panel produces is vital to the grid station. Then, you can use this energy at night or on cloudy days at retail prices.

Local Incentives For Washington

There are two of the most important solar panels for Washington residents.

Chelan County’s Sustainable Natural Alternative Power Program: This is for the Chelan County people. This program was enacted in 2021. According to this plan, officials announce the production of more renewable energy resources for the county residents.

Clark Public Utilities’ Solar Energy Program: This program is for the residents of Clark County. According to this plan, the government provides loans to residents who need help to afford solar installation.

Explore More Options to Reduce solar panel installation washington DC Cost

Besides the incentives and tax exemptions, Washington officials offer many other programs to motivate people to install solar panels at reduced costs. Following are the details about these programmes.

DC Solar For All

Low income residents of Washington are available for this.This program allows low-income residents to subscribe to solar energy from community panels. In this way, they get reductions in monthly electricity bills without bearing the initial solar cost for installation. The eligibility for this program is that your monthly income should be below the mentioned amount by the authorities. Let’s explore the number of individuals and the threshold income to be eligible for this program

Number of IndividualsThreshold Income

Solar Advantage Plus Program (SAPP)

This program is also for low-income households. The program provides homeowners with a free photovoltaic solar system and an income below the threshold level set by the officials. This system generates renewable energy from the installed site, and the homeowners can get the supply from it at retail prices.

Solar power Purchase Agreements

This plan allows the residents of the people of Washington to agree with a third party to get the solar supply at a predetermined rate. This agreement usually lasts between 10-25 years. This is a beneficial program for low-income homeowners to get the supply without spending a hefty amount on installing solar panels. These agreements of three types

  • Lease Agreement for solar electrical Supply
  • Power agreement for Solar Supply

Both agreements allow Washington homeowners to agree with a third party to get solar energy at a lower rate than the grid.

Community Solars

Community solar is another option for homeowners who need help to afford solar installation or whose roofs are unsuitable. Through this program, officials install community solar in a specific area and distribute the supply from these solar to all the subscribers equally.

Solar Loans

Many banks and private organizations offer loans and installment plans to bear solar panel cost.Through these loans you can  purchase energy-efficient appliances and solar systems.

Solar Investments: Calculating Your Potential Returns in DC

According to recent research, solar panels have reduced electricity costs by up to 70% in Washington, DC. There are various programs and packages to calculate your potential returns for solar installation in Washington, DC.

Net Metering

Net metering is a procedure to get credit back for your excess energy production through solar panels. If your monthly usage from the grid supply at night times is less than the energy you transfer to the grid, your remaining energy is added to next month’s bill credit. This whole procedure expires on 31st March, and a new cycle starts.

Appreciation Allowance for Usage of Energy-Efficient Appliances

This is a handsome allowance. Government officials grant an amount to solar owners for using energy-efficient appliances. You will get specific amounts if you shift from a high-voltage consumption appliance to a lower one.

Payback Period for Solar Installation Cost

The average payback period for solar costs in Washington is almost 19 years. This payback period varies depending on the size of your solar system. 

Choosing Your Solar Ally: Finding the Best Installer for Your Needs

Solar installers play a crucial part in the total cost of your solar installation. A good solar company offers affordable packages with market-competitive services and prevents repair costs by installing the system accurately. Do you want to know the tips and tricks to choose the best solar installer in your area for an efficient and budget-friendly installation? We have a few tips for you. These tips will help you select a good solar installer.

1. Experienced Team With Certification

Always choose the installer with experience. A qualified and experienced installer can help you complete installation on time and prevent unnecessary spending. Now the question is how to check the qualification and authentication of the installer company.
North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a leading certification for the installation process. So, ask the company to show you the certification.

2. Solar Installers with Knowledge of Local Incentives

Besides Federal Tax exemption, each state has some local incentives and rebate programs. So, your solar installer company should know all the incentives and their eligibility criteria to help you get more benefits.

3. Read Reviews and Check Social Media 

If you have decided to go with a solar installer company in an area, check their website and social media handles before accepting the quote. Check the reviews of previous customers on all the platforms. It will help you to know their strengths and weak points. By knowing all these, you can better decide whether to choose an installer.

4. Get Quotes From Various Companies

This is an essential tip. Never rely on one company’s quotes. Always check various companies, get quotes, analyze their services and compare the quotes and services. Only some companies offer more services such as roofing, installation, and repair for a few months in one package, while others only give the exact quote for installation. So, always compare the quotes and decide accordingly.

5. Ask From Neighbourhood 

If any of your neighbors have had a solar installation recently, you can ask them about their experience and contact the same installation company. Ask your neighbor about the installer’s performance, their response to the queries and their satisfaction rate.

6.Arrange a Consultation Meeting Before Accepting Quote 

This is an essential step in analyzing the installer company’s performance. Arrange a meeting with the installer and ask some questions. These questions might be as 

  • What is the expected completion time of the project?
  • Have they made any changes to the roof?
  • Do they get permission from the authorities, and how long will this take?
  • Do they use the whole roof of a specified area?

These questions will help you clarify your queries and the installer company’s customer service. Installers with good customer care are the best option to choose.

Economize Your Solar Journey: Tips to Minimize Solar Installation Expenses

How do we minimize solar panel DC expenses? We have a few tips and tricks to reduce your overall cost for solar installation in Washington, DC.

  • If you can not afford the solar installation cost, take advantage of the financial programs or take a loan from the bank, which will reduce your monthly electricity bill cost, and you can use that amount to pay the bank loan installments.
  • Choose a solar installer with a warranty. Many manufacturers offer warranties on durable and long-lasting solar systems. Although costly, they are worth purchasing because an excellent solar panel prevents repetitive repair costs.
  • Shop from the local manufacturers. Because they offer affordable prices and a warranty on the system.
  • If you can not afford the heavy systems with more MW, replace your high-energy-consuming appliances with low-energy-consuming appliances and purchase a system accordingly.


Solar panels in Washington, DC, are worth installing. You can increase the saving cost of solar panels through net metering. Moreover, state officials offer incentives and rebate programs to reduce the system’s initial price. For a budget-friendly installation, you should keep in mind a few tips, such as selecting a local installer with experience and certification who knows all local incentives for your state and their eligibility criteria, availing the loan to reduce the initial cost and using energy-efficient appliances to select a low wattage solar system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, solar panels are worth installing in Washington, DC. Washington weather is very suitable for the production of solar energy. Washington has 350 sunny days annually, which is a good average. Moreover, at the peak sunny time of the day, solar produces more power than your home’s daily use. You can import this energy to the grid and get it back through net metering.

 The average price for solar in Washington DC IS 3.19$ per watt. Based on this price, a typical 5KW solar panel costs you $ 13548$ to $ 18,330$. This price can be reduced after implementing the Federal Solar Tax credit, which offers a 30% reduction.

Yes, solar panels work very well in Washington state. Almost 53% of the electricity in Washington comes through solar systems. Washington has good sunny days that help solar panels work well.

A.Net metering is very useful in Washington for saving and reusing surplus energy. You can reduce electricity bills by importing excess power to the grid and using this energy at retail prices at night.

Yes, Washington is a solar-friendly state. The state’s government offers various incentives and loan plans to maximize the solar installation and production of renewable energy, such as solar for all, solar power agreements, community solars, loans and lower mortgage rates for solar installation.

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